Professional WordPress website support in Barcelona.

Barcelona WordPress can help you with your WordPress website support and maintenance. We provide professional WordPress website support and security for your business and can install and set security and firewall plugin protection, provide backups, remove malicious code, and install important WordPress updates and customizations through plugins. Basic support* is only €40 per hour.

Our Barcelona WordPress team is trained in HTML5, CSS and PHP programming
Websites are easy to break if you make a mistake. We can assist you with your WordPress website support, when you need to quickly fix or change something about your WordPress website, and we are there for you in an emergency. We can also help you with your hosting administrative issues, maintenance, move your WordPress websites to a new host, and set up and backup MYSQL databases. We can also help you with removing malicious code, that arrives through unprotected contact forms.

Everybody uses homepage sliders these days, but we can help you make them look cool, set timing on text and animation transitions, and embed video including html5 video in your slides. We’ll show you how to make your slides SEO friendly, and increase your click through results. Barcelona WordPress has created a network of WordPress specialists and can provide critical WordPress website support for any WordPress website, large or small.

We can help you track customers on your WordPress website backend through simplified CRM (Customer Relations Management) software to suit any business size, and any language! You can easily track your customers and user groups, send out messages, and manage your websites users. You can apply this technology to your website with complete customization control, and create fields for clients, vendors, distributors, user groups, e-commerce, invoicing, online payment management, and so much more!

Increase your online traffic and page ranking
A well optimized WordPress website will increase your traffic and improve your website ranking. Our Barcelona WordPress internet marketing professionals can optimize your website with keyword content in Spanish or English, help increase your Google ranking, and generate qualified traffic for your business.

Basic WordPress support is only €40 per hour via Skype chat and screen share.  Basic support* covers most WordPress and WordPress theme issues, while advanced support covers more complex coding, theme and plugin customization’s, website crashes, file recovery etc, and are quoted on request by our network of WordPress developers.

Here are just a few of the WordPress themes we can help you with:

  • Avada theme support and customization
  • Divi theme support and customization
  • U-Design theme support and customization
  • X-theme support and customization
  • Genisis theme support and customization
  • Bridge theme support and customization
  • Themebeans theme support and customization

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