Barcelona WordPress Sponsors Meetups in English

We are pleased to announce our first Barcelona WordPress Meetup in English has been scheduled for September 25, 2014 and already there is a strong interest in attending with early registration. Please circle it on your calendar and shoot us an RSVP to attend!

There are many directions to take a WordPress Meetup. I personally have been following several WordPress Meetups agendas from outlines developed by other Meetup groups in London, Miami and San Francisco, and the topics are always lively and diverse. Some of these Meetups can be overwhelmingly technical for a first time user or novice and not everyone who uses WordPress wants or needs to know PHP or HTML in order to manage their blog.  Our main interest in sponsoring the first English speaking WordPress Meetup is to connect with new WordPress users and create a fun atmosphere to facilitate learning.  Barcelona WordPress Meetups in English, offers free WordPress support to hundreds of predominately English businesses based in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona WordPress Meetups in English, offers hands-on monthly WordPress meetings covering a wide variety of topics. Ideal for bloggers and business owners that want to see an increase in their traffic, first time users that want to learn, and developers that want to teach. If you have advanced WordPress training skills we invite you to join the Barcelona WordPress Meetup as a guest facilitator to share your area of expertise.

You can join the Barcelona WordPress Meetup in English free on our Meetup page.

Michael Paragon – Barcelona WordPress Founder