Michael Paragon – Above the Fold WordPress homepage design – part 2

In Above the Fold WordPress homepage design – part 2, we take a look at how to make your above the fold information stand out, and how to compel your visitors to find out more. In our last post we covered homepage layout best practice for a WordPress home page. While the actual blocks of information needed above the fold are not complicated, it is important your graphic design flows visually for the user. WordPress has thousands of home page design possibilities, so there is no limit but your imagination about how to style your homepage.

In the following example you will see a somewhat poorly laid-out website homepage done in simple HTML. In this instance the viewer is immediately underwhelmed with information, and additionally there’s not much else to look at.


The homepage layout seems to be an overall waste of of the domain itself. There is so much about this business I am not being told within a few brief seconds, including their phone number.

Here is the same website redesigned in WordPress. Now keyword optimized content and important information is predominant above-the-fold, and the homepage tells the story of their Advertising business.


wordpress homepage design

The above WordPress homepage redesign was a great improvement, but there is no social network or strong call to action or offer being made yet.

This next WordPress homepage design pretty much has it all done right. Here you find exactly what most people expect to see upon landing on a homepage.  Important, relevant information, is all neatly laid out above the fold and a carefully thought out social strategy is a click away. The website provides compelling information, clear call to action buttons, opt-in subscribe by email fields, and even white paper downloads. Websites like these require customization, and well crafted plugins, but the results are worth it. This websites invites you to find out more.


wordpress homepage design

Our last homepage example was not done in WordPress. In this instants the homepage is lacking the obvious menu navigation and is laid out in the shape of a calendar. There is no fold. There is no contact phone number, and additional information is finely written in 14px font size. (Read my post on “Why website body copy should be 16px”.) Besides font size, yours eyes tend to wander about this page with no clear instructions as to what to do next? There are numerous articles published by authorities on “eye tracking heat-maps” This article from Parachute Digital explains further about how the eyes scans information resembling the letter “F”.



Part 3 of our above the fold WordPress web design post covers some of the basics in designing great homepage sliders. Contact Barcelona WordPress to find out more.