Michael Paragon – Homepage layout best practice in Above the Fold design.

In this 4-part series we cover Homepage layout best practice in “Above the Fold design.” We will discuss important web design techniques  you can apply to any WordPress homepage.  If you are new to web design there are a few fundamental rules that should be applied to every homepage regardless of your business. We will study a few impactful WordPress website examples, do’s and don’ts and essential plugins, including an easy plugin to set your “Favicon” in your browsers menu tab.

Homepage layout best practice in Above the Fold design – Part one, is dedicated to understanding above-the-fold home page layout. “The fold” is a newspaper term, used as an easy way of describing the sections of a newspaper where the most important news articles are featured. From a folded newspaper in a newsstand box anyone can easily read the headlines, and from there decide which article is worth dropping a coin in to read. Your homepage web design should follow the same logic and there are numerous articles published online to support this important rule. So what should be above the fold? Every visitor expects to see some basic “Who, What, Where, Why and How” information when they land on your homepage.

This includes:

  • Who you are, with your company name and logo
  • What you do, summarized in brief compelling text
  • Why this information is relevant to the person who has just landed
  • How to contact you for further information, including; your phone number, physical address if appropriate, and email contact).
  • A well laid out menu with clear site navigation and links to social pages
  • Clearly placed “call to action” buttons that take your visitors forward to essential information and content throughout the rest of your website.


Homepage-layout-best-practice-in -above the-fold-design

Homepage layout best practice in “Above the Fold” design

The above the fold essential elements are visually described in these simple wire-frame diagrams:

The importance of the area above the fold seems to be supported by the ‘five second rule’ that is commonly quoted within Web Design; which states users pass judgment on a site within the first five seconds of visiting. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has also suggested that users spend up to 80% of their time viewing information above the fold. – TutsPlus

In our next post, WordPress homepage design part 2, we will discuss how to make your above the fold information stand out, and how to compel your visitors to find out more. For further information about designing websites using WordPress, contact Barcelona WordPress.